REB Bill Pay Procedure (Teletalk)

REB Bill Payment Process (USSD)

REB user bill payment through USSD is a flexible way to pay your bill from your mobile. You can dial USSD short code (*727#) and follow the instructions to browse different sections of bill payment including registration, balance check etc.

You can even directly reach a particular portion like for bill payment you can dial *727*2#.   The details of User Bill Payment is as follows:

Dial  *727#  for Main menu :

Type 1 for registration

Type 2 for Bill Payment

Type 3 for more option

Dial *727*1#  directly  to access subscriber registration menu::

  1. Type 1 for subscriber registration (only for getting customer ID for bill payment)
  2. Type 2 for wallet registration ( Bill Payment  & to get customer ID for your own mobile number & if you do the wallet registration, Subscriber registration is not necessary for bill payment)

Noticed that from one wallet account you can pay maximum three bills.

Details process for Subscriber registration:

Dial *727*1#

Type 1 for subscriber registration & type your SMS Account number & type your Contact number then type your name.

Reply : Mr. Shokkur Ali, Account Number (1069076335150), ID (960275), Contact No: 01554841966.

Details process for Wallet registration:

Dial *727*1#

Type 2 for wallet registration & Type your SMS Account Number & Type your National ID number& type your Contact Number & type your Name then press yes.

Reply: Congrats ,Mr. Shokkur Ali successfully registration complete for REB bill Payment, Your  ID is (96025),  pin  (6667),contact Number :01554841966.

Bill Payment Details process:

Type 2 for Bill Payment ( from main menu) or (Directly Dial *727*2#)

You can pay bill from  your  own mobile number in 3(three) methods:

First method : Dial *727*2* Customer ID* bill_month*bill_year#

Second Method :  Dial *727*2# then you follow the below steps:

       _->Please type your Customer ID

->Please type your bill_month

    ->Please Type your bill year

Third Method:  Dial  *727*2*bill no# to pay bill through Bill Number.

Then subscriber will get first reply &will be asked 4 digit pin number.  After typing pin ,  subscriber will get 2nd reply.

1st Reply: Mr. Shokkur Ali, Account No (1069076335150), Bill Amount (105), Bill Month (1),Please type your pin for Payment.

2nd Reply: Mr. Shokkur Ali, Bill No: (10690710182178467), Bill Amount (105),: Bill Payment successful. Transaction ID:0000000029432254. Last Balance : 285 tk.

For other Help option using USSD code for Bill payment related information.

Type 3 for more option from main menu or (Directly Dial *727*3#)

 “more option” are as follows:

                               1.  Type 1 for Bill status.

                               2. Type  2 to change contact number.

                               3. Type 3 to change name.

                               4. Type 4 to know balance or (Directly Dial *727*3*4#).

                               5. Type 5 to know Customer ID & info.

To change pin or new pin number for REB bill payment from customer own mobile :

 Dial *727*3*6*customer_id# (To change pin or new pin)

Balance Transfer using USSD code from retailer to Subscriber:

Dial *727*9*155XXXXXXXX*155XXXXXXXX*360*password#

Subscriber registration process flow:

Dial *727# to get menu:

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